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There are many avenues for the appraiser to obtain initial education and Continued Education (CE) requirements. Listed are only some of places that appraiser can obtain their education. The list will be updated with recommendation from our contributors (You!). Look for discounts at some schools for new customers, promo codes, etc. Online Education McKissock Learning Appraisal Institute AI Education Appraiser eLearning VanEd Van Education Center Hondros College
21 Sep 2021
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2022, 05/11: 2022 Energy Valuation Conference By ASA, posted 21 Sep 2021 Excerpt: The 2022 ENERGY VALUATION CONFERENCE (EVC) is UNIQUE in that it is the only MULTI-DISCIPLINARY conference with a focus on leading edge VALUATION TECHNIQUES applicable to ALL SECTORS of the ENERGY INDUSTRY. 2022 EVC brings together pre-eminent energy valuation professionals and industry thought leaders presenting timely educational topics focusing on the outlook of the recovering Energy Industry and its transition to renewable and ESG energy. As new ways for homeowners to decrease their utility bills, innovating ways to conserve and generate energy and advancements in technology, puts a strain on what is contributory valuation versus noncontributory valuation. As this is a rising topic, valuating the benefits is challenging.
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Live Streaming Classroom By Appraiser eLearning, posted 10 Aug 2021 Excerpt: This online environment provides you with live access to the instructor and other students virtually. It provides real-time, classroom interaction from the comfort of your own home or office. Understanding the Real Property Appraiser profession starts with the knowledge of the basics. Appraisal inspections is key to convey a lot of information for your Appraisal Report. Learn it properly in the beginning or elevate your practices to a higher level.
Appraisal Continuing Education & Appraisal License Renewal By McKissock, posted 24 Aug 2021 Excerpt: The Unlimited Learning Membership is a membership that gives you 24/7 access to everything you need to complete your CE requirements — and so much more. CE courses are a burden every two years. One company, McKissock, has a great program when those 28 hours are needed – Unlimited Learning Membership. Great savings and it is done on your schedule online. Goodbye to the days of traveling to a class and sitting all day and paying for the experience.
Every real estate appraiser knows the value of a good education By Hondros College, posted 24 Aug 2021 Excerpt: At Hondros College, you can count on our comprehensive program to help you drive your career to the next level. Our focus is to provide you with the best educational experience, as well as the tools you’ll need to succeed, regardless of the stage of your appraisal career. Whether you need pre-licensing education and exam prep to start your career upgrade or continuing education to advance your appraisal career, Hondros College is here to help you succeed. This is one of many college courses offered and approved to receiving your certification in appraising. College is knowledge but practice is still needed.
How do I find a supervisor to train me? By Mike Jacobs, Appraiser Sidekick, posted 07 Sep 2021 Excerpt: “How do I find a supervisor to train me?” This is one of the most common questions that prospective appraisers ask us. Although the question is asked in different ways, the idea is always the same: if you are interested in a career in real estate appraising or have even started taking courses to become an appraiser, how do you find a supervisor to help you satisfy the training hours requirement? This profession is unique as it requires a trainer from a practicing Appraiser. Finding someone to train an apprentice can be daunting. The trainee has to be able to conform to their supervisor’s needs as training does take time from an individual’s business and potentially a future competitor.
Appraiser’s Guide to Appraisal Inspections By Appraiser eLearning, posted 07 Sep 2021 Excerpt: Appraiser’s Guide to Appraisal Inspections is a course designed for use by real property appraisers, financial institutions, underwriters, AMC personnel, and regulatory entities. The focus of the course is to bring awareness to the changing types of real property inspections for appraisal related assignments. This course is primarily targeted toward residential real property appraisers; however, it does apply to both residential and commercial appraisers as well as other property data collectors alike. In summary, this course highlights the traditional appraisal inspection with insight into new and proposed inspection methods. There are many aspects to the Appraisal profession and many avenues to learn the trade. One of the key components to master is the inspection of the subject property in determining the opinion of value. Continuity, proficiency, and observation of this process will help the Appraiser succeed. Learning this process the right way or undoing what was ‘taught’ in the past by others, Appraiser eLearning’s course may help you.
Measuring with ANSI & the 2021 ANSI Update By Appraiser eLearning, posted 21 Sep 2021 Excerpt: In-depth training on measuring residential square footage using the 2021 edition of the ANSI® Measurement Standard. Finally, a universal educated process to standardize measuring the square footage of a home. ANSI has put together a course that every appraiser needs to take when starting in this profession. Though trainers do have influence, using the phrase, “That’s how we always did it.” Is not credible or acceptable.