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Travel Tips

21 Sep 2021
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CDC Shortens COVID Testing Time Period for Vaccinated Travelers

Going on a Cruise

By Travel+Leisure/Yahoo!life, 07 Sep 2021

Excerpt: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now recommends travelers going on a cruise get tested for COVID-19 within two days before boarding — a shorter time period than previously advised. Vaccinated passengers will need to get a COVID-19 PCR or rapid antigen test within two days of boarding a ship or get tested on the day of embarkation. The updated guidance comes amid the spread of the highly contagious delta variant and months after the CDC said cruise lines didn't have to test fully vaccinated passengers before embarking on a trip or upon returning to port. Cruising the world today is daunting and unpredictable as the pandemic has influenced cruising. Restrictions must be accepted and carried out for all cruising travelers, or it may turn into a miserable experience. Personally, I’ll wait until all this is over and really enjoy a needed vacation.

Flying soon? Here are 7 protective items to bring amid delta variant spread

By Felicity Warner, USA Today, 10 Aug 2021

Excerpt: The spread of the COVID-19 delta variant, a highly transmissible strand of the coronavirus, has become yet another hurdle in the fight against the global pandemic. While the vaccine remains effective in preventing severe disease and hospitalization, mild symptoms caused by a "breakthrough infection" can still occur in vaccinated individuals. What's more, vaccinated individuals can still spread the delta variant, which is leading to even more COVID-19 cases. Traveling in a pandemic world is a minefield of changing criteria from one airline to another. Until the pandemic has improved worldwide, protecting your health is essential for every traveler.

60 Things To Do in America at Least Once in Your Life

By Erica Corbin, GoBankingRates, 11 Aug 2021

Excerpt: Chances are you've dreamed of visiting far-off places like the Eiffel Tower or Mount Olympus. But the truth is, there are so many amazing things to do right here in America. Before you pay thousands of dollars to travel the world, consider looking in your own backyard — you'll find plenty of things you really should do at least once in your lifetime. An appraiser on vacation – a fantasy. Appraisers needs a vacation to disconnect from the profession as much as anyone. Surprising, upon returning from a vacation will increase your productivity more than not taking a vacation. Start planning using baby steps, if need be, long weekend away to a month recharging. Though 60 things to do may be daunting, start with one and work your way through the list!

Cruise News Update: August 21, 2021

By Emrys Thakkar, Cruise Hive, 21 Aug 2021

Excerpt: Here we go with all the major updates from the week and we’ve got some breaking cruise news for you with an important update from the CDC, changes in the Bahamas for cruise passengers, the 5th Oasis-class cruise ship heading out on sea trials, the first Royal Caribbean cruise ship resumes from Galveston, Norwegian Cruise Line restarts from Miami and oh yes, Carnival Cruise Line becomes the first cruise line to resume operations out of California. Traveling in a pandemic world on a cruise ship is going to be an interesting experience. I love cruises and the amenities that each ship has to offer. Cruising can be an expensive endeavor and being restricted to certain activities and stipulations is not what I like to pay for. Knowing ahead of time the ins and outs of cruising now, may save you a lot of money, time and decision making.

Best Places to Visit in August

By U.S. News, posted 24 Aug 2021

Excerpt: Late summer is generally marked by hot days and the desire to squeeze in one more vacation. That's why U.S. News evaluated attractions, events and weather (among other factors) to bring you this list of the best places to visit in August. From a mountain reprieve to a small-town retreat, there's a destination on this ranking for every traveler to enjoy. Vote below to help determine next year's list. (Note: Some of the below destinations may be affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Check with the CDC and the U.S. Department of State before traveling.) Is an appraiser on vacation – a fantasy. Work hard and play hard is the military motto. With the pandemic still on the rise, it may be best to stay near home or at least domestic to get away from the appraisal chaos. Sometime the best places are right in your own back yard.

USA Travel Guides

By U.S. News, posted 07 Sep 2021

Excerpt: Explore a destination in the USA to see the top hotels and top things to do, as well as photos and tips from U.S. News Travel. Making quality time to recharge the batteries, a vacation may be needed. As world travel restrictions are on the rise, meeting those needs domestically is the only option. There are many places to unwind, some may be nearby.


By Travel.State.Gov, posted 21 Sep 2021

Before your travel, this website is a must in vital information on your destination and any impacts that may affect your needed vacation. Don’t rely on medial sources as your only informative sites for your planning. Stay safe.

US to ease travel restrictions on fully vaccinated foreign visitors

By Kevin Liptak, Arlette Saenz and Betsy Klein, CNN, 21 Sep 2021

Excerpt: The United States plans to ease travel restrictions on all fully vaccinated foreign visitors starting in November, the White House said Monday, relaxing a patchwork of bans that had begun to cause fury in Europe and replacing them with more uniform requirements for inbound international air passengers. The new rules will require all foreign nationals arriving in the United States to show proof of being fully vaccinated, the White House Covid-19 response coordinator Jeff Zients said. He said the new rules would take effect in early November, a timeline that will give agencies and airlines "time to prepare." Traveling in a pandemic world is daunting with constant changes, different criteria of each destination and planning for the best vacation. Lack of knowledge can spell disaster, physically and financially.